Toshiba Computer Products & Pricing

Laurin Technologies offers a list of re-certified computer products. If you have questions or would like more information on any of the products on this list, please contact our office at 416-821-9759.

Click here to view the Toshiba Computer Products & PricingToshiba Computer Products and Prices 2013 A

You may be asking “What does Re-Certified” mean?

  1. Re-certified electronics products might have (but not always) slight blemishes to the external cases, but all inner components are certified working.
  2. Factory refurbished or re-certified electronics usually mean that the product has been returned by retailers to the manufacturer and that it has been cleaned up, significant cosmetic flaws are buffed and missing parts are replaced. Any installation CDs are checked for defects. Computer hard drives are returned to factory state.
  3. Some retailers use electronic products to perform in-house training. These products could have a “time point” and if that is the case, they cannot be sold as “new.” These are then returned to the factory to be re-certified.
  4. The purchaser has decided that he/she wants to return the product for a reason, such as he/she does not like the product, colour, or make and these products cannot be restocked as “new.”

Click here to view the Toshiba Computer Products & Pricing:  Toshiba Computer Products and Prices 2013 A

Note:  Prices do not include any applicable taxes and shipping charges. Quantities and prices may vary.

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